Encouraging people to buy houses in Cornwall!

We have often mentioned on previous blogs that people do not somehow as if by magic end up buying properties in Cornwall.   There are quite of lot of people who actively encourage the process.  It’s Our Cornwall has an interesting blog on the issue.

We’re told we have to destroy the Cornish countryside to build enough homes to meet demand. But 85% of that demand comes from outside Cornwall. And it’s deliberately encouraged by estate agents such as Stags of Truro who boast of attending events ‘to promote our vendors’ properties to the central London market’. Meanwhile, H.Tiddy estate agents of St Mawes report in the press that ‘a strong percentage of our buyers are second home owners with City of London connections’. And it gets even worse – ‘many of them plan to relocate here in the future’. Is this what they mean by ‘trickle down’ economics? Except that it’s more of a flood than a trickle.

So when we hear that we have to build houses to provide homes for future generations and for those in housing need, grab a very large bucket of salt!

As for the 47,500 dwellings what will they be used for?

Local need?


Second homes?

Holiday lets?

Expect some figures later!



One comment on “Encouraging people to buy houses in Cornwall!

  1. sjhenry1 says:

    On top of which are the TV programs where the lifestyle is promoted for those who have the money to buy a second home or Buy to let.

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