How many?

Today Cornwall Council will discuss and determine the housing target for the period 2010-30.  They have two options in front of them – for 47,500 and 42,250. There’s also a Tory amendment for 33,000 and a Labour amendment that will add 1,350 to the total.

So thats:

  • 48,850
  • 47,500
  • 42,260
  • 33,000

How many do we actually need?

Lets bear in mind that our own calculations suggest 29,000 would suffice, and if in-migration and out-migration were brought into balance – by say reducing in-migration by a fifth – such that the population stabilised, we would need 5,000 dwellings!

So we need 5,000 up to 29,000 and no more!  That of course omits any policies which would release housing from the leisure sector to the residential sector!


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