Winter storms and climate change!

The recent run of stormy weather has again raised questions about the link to climate change.

The World Meteorological Organisation said that it was impossible to blame climate change for individual storms but increasing evidence emerged during the year that there was a link. When in January 2013 scientists at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the UK’s Met Office, and the research teams from 16 other global institutions tried to calculate how much climate change had possibly influenced 12 extreme weather events that occurred in 2012,they concluded that it had helped raise the temperatures during the run of 37.7C days in last year’s US heatwave, and was behind the record loss of Arctic sea ice and the storm surge of hurricane Sandy, plus several other extremes.

Is there a link?  As the WMO state its impossible to blame it for individual events but taken together the answer is probably yes.

So what do we do?  Well for one, take climate change seriously not that the climate change deniers will.

We also have to consider climate change and sustainability when people argue about the ‘beneficial’ effects of boosting the population.   Assertions that if the UK had  a higher population how much better off we would all be miss the point, in fact several points!

Where do we build the extra houses – or do we cram more into high density housing?

Where does the extra food come from?

Where does the extra energy come from?

And what impact will all of this have on global warming?

Oh, and what exactly would the point be anyway?


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