No impact on the environment??

Form Its Our Cornwall

A third major housing scheme has surfaced at Wadebridge. Merriman Ltd (of Leicester) and their agents BartonWillmore (of Cardiff), want to build 230 ‘residential units’ on this land at the football ground. The applicant is sure ‘significant environmental effects’ are unlikely.

Comment  How often do we hear from developers that their planned development will have no significant effects on the environment, in fact it seems that development is good for the environment!

Is it?

No of course not!  Each bit of land developed is a loss to the environment.  Land lost which cannot be used for agriculture,  for wildlife for landscape purposes.  Land which is invariably an important green area for the local community.

Each dwelling requires resources which impacts on the environment somewhere.   And the additional people consume resources!

So more development does have an impact on the environment, anyone who thinks otherwise is living in never-never land!


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