A New Year

What will 2014 bring?

We can make some easy guesses!

  1. More rhetoric about building houses – with little awareness of what is meant by ‘need’ or what happens to the houses that are built!
  2. Lots more applications for housing in Cornwall!
  3. A continuing regurgitation of the myths about development
  • Extra jobs (no they are not more for the existing population, they will be needed for the extra jobseekers);
  • More green space  (ah yes replacing a green space with a much smaller green space!);
  • Improvements to the road network (no – not really just more space to accommodate the extra cars!);
  • It will put ‘wherever’ on the map!  (no idea what that really means!)
  • With more housing we will get more shops (wow, yes that’s a big advance for us all);
  • It will power the economy (aha that will work!)

What we will not hear about is:

  • Sustainability;
  • Cutting our carbon output (don’t be silly no-one believes in or cares about climate change!);
  • The impact of second homes or holiday lets on house prices (ah they probably do not have any effect!);
  • Anything which is really meaningful in terms of green policy!

Well that’s a start! Happy New Year!



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