Marsh Lane – new stores?

On It’s Our Cornwall.

What would you like to see at Marsh Lane, Hayle? 12.6 hectares of reed beds, marshy grassland, vegetation and woodland? Or a nice, shiny new Debenhams, 8 more shops, 3 cafes/restaurants, 500 parking spaces and a ‘nature viewing area’ to look at what’s left? No choice really. This is the brave new (old) world retailing paradise of Cranford developments (Staffs) and their partners WSP (of London).

Is this the same area as:

Land adjacent Marsh Lane Industrial Estate is on an out of centre site by
also lies adjacent to Hayle Retail Park. The site is partially covered by a
recognised habitat (Cornwall Wildlife Site) and flood zone 3; Linkage to
town centre is an issue. Sequentially not the preferred option – deferred
application not progressed.

[Health Check Update: Hayle.  Cornwall Council Authority Monitoring Report 2011-2012].

And did we not hear Eric Pickles say the day of out of town shopping was over?


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