All set for a rough voyage!

Last week George Osborne set course for the future.  With a combination of policies designed to turn the country backwards and ignore any issues of sustainability the future is bleak.

With more cuts in the offing the poor will be in the firing line again.  Freezing the tax on fuel may sound good but the main beneficiaries will be the more affluent – they drive more!  Any encouragement to travel by car will lead to more congestion which is not good for anyone.

As for housing, the Chancellor is working on the basis that rises in house values will make people feel happy.  He may well be right though this is to say the least a daft idea.  If the value of your property increases by 20% so will everyone else – you are not better off.  And affordability?  With earnings increasing very slowly affordability will be more of a problem.

The ‘build more houses’ brigade will still assert that if only more houses were built prices would fall!  They would say that wouldn’t they!  The trouble is it is not the answer!

doubtless developers will rush to propose new sites for housing, planners will allocate more land and on it goes – a mad, senseless and unsustainable dash for growth.  Never mind its a bit like Xmas a total myth but that’s the way we like it!


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