Mythical worlds

Once upon a time in the far distant past there was a land stuck in a time warp.  Like many primitive societies it was a polytheistic society though some gods were more important than others.   The two most prominent gods were Liater and Rac.  Liater was worshipped by the mass of the population  – people flocked to the temples of Liater as often as they could.  In the dim and distant past the temples of Liater were only open during the working work and Saturdays.   There had been an objection to opening the temples on a Sunday as this day had once been the main day of a past religion.  But a time had come when Liater was allowed to usurp Sunday as well.

As Liater became more powerful the people strived to honour it.  New large temples were built on the outskirts of the towns.  New causeways were developed so that people to easily travel to the temples.    The various sects of Liater vied for popularity each one building a bigger and more colourful one than its rival.  Chief amongst the sects were Ocset and Adsa and Yrubsnias.  Soon each town had a range of temples devoted to these deities.

Yet this was  a religion that ultimately failed to satisfy.  Despite greater and greater sacrifices the people were strangely unhappy.   Their unhappiness was made worse as people went into debt to propitiate the gods.  Misery stalked the land.

Then there was the other pillar of society the great god Rac.  Everything that could be done to propitiate Rac was done.  Great swathes of land were carved up to allow miniature copies of Rac to travel the land.   Tremendous efforts were made to satisfy Rac – for the god was a great consumer of energy.  Yet again despite more and more sacrifices people were no more happy than they had been in the years before Rac had achieved such prominence.

As with other societies that plundered the environment to satisfy the insatiable appetites of their gods, this could not continue.  The story of Easter island is one such example – from pacific paradise to barren landscape.  But could this society avoid such a fate? Were there enough amongst the populace to bring or about a change or would the worship of Liater and Rac continue until nothing was left but a denuded and despoiled land?


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