Myths and legends for the season!

One    The moon is not made of cheese.

Two    Developers do not build houses to meet need.

Three    The earth is not flat!

Four   House prices would not fall if more houses were built.

Five   Barnacle geese do not come from barnacles!

Six     The Homechoice register does not accurately register need.

Seven     Saints did not travel across the sea to Cornwall on millstones (they flew in to Newquay!)

Eight   Household and population projections are about as useful in predicting change as millstones are for sea travel!

Nine  You cannot turn base metals into gold!

Ten For every house you need at least one new job, so when you see a figure for ‘extra jobs’ in a development proposal subtract the number of new homes to built to get a better take on actual ‘extra’ jobs!


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