Sainsburys and Penzance – an interesting perspective!

Sainsburys: “At the Heart of Our Community”

This blog critiques the whole Sainsbury saga setting out the sorry tale of how it was allowed to proceed.  In response one person has stated:

Fact is people like big new sparkling supermarkets. …. This is what’s known as market forces – people with money spending it where they want.

Which is the usual response of those:

  • who fail to recognise that ‘market forces’ are not as free as they imagine;
  • that there are broader issues to consider such as the environment, global warming etc;
  • There are costs – who pays for regenerating town centres?
  • In the sixties market forces irresponsible motorists thought drinking and driving was perfectly ok:
  • there is (hopefully) more to civilization life than supermarkets!

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