Newquay – another bonkers plan (no change there!)

So more shops and houses for (rural) Newquay!

PLANS for a shopping and supermarket complex in Newquay have been approved – against official advice and despite warnings it could cost town-centre traders £10 million a year in lost revenue.  Cornwall Council’s strategic planning committee backed Kingsley Developments’ application for the Trevithick Manor site, opposite Morrison’s, on Thursday.  Their decision flew in the face of the case officer’s recommendation to reject the proposals due to the impact they would have on the resort’s existing businesses.

The plans propose a supermarket, shops, hotel, restaurant, cafés and a car showroom which Kingsley say would create 450 full-time jobs.   

Speaking at the meeting Geoff Brown, Cornwall councillor for Newquay Central, said: “Newquay is the only major town in Cornwall where more people drive out in the morning and go to work than drive in. We need the work.

A separate application to build 400 homes at the same site was also approved.

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Comment   Lets cut to the main issues:

Housing – Newquay does not need all the houses that have been given permission or are planned.

Between 2001 and 2011 an extra 1,731 houses were built, but of these 1,062 were not used to house people!  Why build more?

“We need the work” – but are more jobs in retail really what Newquay needs?

450 jobs but 400 new homes – so most of the jobs will be needed for the new jobseekers, they are not extra jobs!

Oh and just some more green fields to be developed!  Very sustainable!




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