Saltash – more developments on the way!

From ‘It’s Our Cornwall’ – more and more houses!

The hills are alive – with the sound of JCBs. Or will be soon at Saltash. Persimmons are talking to the planners about their proposed development at Latchbrook Farm. Covering nine fields, this is likely to involve several hundred houses, although the available documents are rather coy about exact numbers. With 1,000 already being mooted for Broadmoor Farm across the A38, and more at Carkeel, Saltash residents will be pleased to be getting plenty of houses to meet their needs. With a lot more thrown in for good measure.

 Comment  What can we say? The usual arguments silly ideas will be dredged up to support the extra housing – housing need, boosting the economy and so on!  The reality is that policy makers have run out of ideas so instead have resorted to the simple but unsustainable idea of building houses.  It sounds like a plausible idea but that’s part of the problem it is not the answer!

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