Green space – there is so much of it!

Well you would think that there was a plan to use up our green space as quickly as possible as recent posts from It’s Our Cornwall suggest:

Planners have assured the potential developers of 15-20 houses on two fields at Lankelly Lane at Fowey that no environmental impact assessment is required. An archaeological survey found the site had changed little since 1838. But it will now, If Wainhomes were allowed to build right next to the iconic 6th century Tristan stone, reminder of Cornwall’s principal contribution to European literature, then what chance do a few Romano-British remnants on the other side of town stand?

Hot competition is brewing for the right to extend Probus south to its bypass. Southern European Trading Ltd (not the company registered in Gibraltar surely?) were seeking planners’ opinions last month on 30 to 40 houses for this field near to land which Wainhomes have their beady eyes on.

So how much green space is there?

Well the latest figures tell us that 91.3% of Cornwall is green space, that leaves 6.4% which is developed and 2.2% which is water.   It sounds a lot but what do we mean by green space?

It probably conjures up images of rolling countryside but how much is actually countryside?  Well in some areas its debatable.  The area around Nanpean and Trevisco is 89% green space – but there is a lot of clay tips there – is that really countryside?   Then there is the area around St Dennis – 93% green space.  Again a lot of this consists of clay workings – old and new – not quite countryside!

Then we have all those areas within the built up areas – playing fields, open spaces etc – certainly not countryside and invariably ‘green deserts’ lacking biodiversity and wildlife value.

So the extent of countryside is far less than the figures suggest!


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