Bodmin, build build and build!

Bodmins bonkers ideas get more support!

A PROMINENT Bodmin businessman has urged the public to support the town’s regeneration plans for the sake of future generations.  The chairman of pasty company Proper Cornish, Phil Ugalde, believes that now is the time for the people of the town to unite and decide how to move forward.

“Of those we spoke to, 99 per cent are really up for this and really excited about what they saw,” he said.  “This will be great for generations to come if people come with us.    “If we can all agree on the infrastructure, then I think Bodmin has a great future. To say I’m excited is an understatement.”

Better Bodmin, formed in February 2011, aims to influence the development of the town’s economy.    Mr Ugalde believes that it’s not just about benefits for the present population but also for future generations.    

“We have ignored the future for far too long; we have to think long-term and not just short-term; we have to think about future generations, not just ourselves.    “Now is our time; other towns have received investment and been transformed. There aren’t many towns with sites like Bodmin in the centre that can be developed; most town centres are very built-up with little green areas.”

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Comment   What can we say?

Future generations – yes we do need to think about them, that is why promoting unsustainable development is such a bad idea.

Other towns have received investment and been transformed – examples please?   But there is a fundamental issue here – there is a big difference between investment to improve an area and simply spending money on boosting the population.

Bodmin town centre has green areas which could be developed?  Why not, so annoying those green areas in towns, far better to build on them.  After all who needs the environment, whenever does it do anything for us?

Bernard Deacon writes:

From 1991 to 2011 the number of houses in Bodmin grew by 29% and the population by 17%, both rates far faster than Cornwall as a whole, which was in turn far faster than the UK as a whole. So at what point does Cllr Rogerson declare the population of Bodmin to be sufficient for all that optimal shopping experience? When it’s the size of Truro? Or Plymouth? Or perhaps Bristol?


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