Walking? public transport? Car? Guess!


Date: 05.11.2013
Time: 6:30 PM
Entry Cost: FREE
Refreshments: Red River Cafe, Snack Shack

Remember, remember the 5th of November!  A firework spectacular at Heartlands. Sponsored by Countryman Inns 

Bonfire Lit:  6.30pm

Fireworks:   8pm sharp

Foodstalls, bar and live music

PLEASE NOTE:  Admission is free but parking charges apply.  Overflow parking is available at Pool Market.  We are expecting a large crowd, so please ensure you leave enough time to get parked as the Heartlands’s car park will fill up quickly.

Comment  Not wanting to dampen down enthusiasm but surely if this is an event for the local community the emphasis should be on walking or if people live a little further away catching a bus?  Now Heartlands is only doing what other big firework events do – encouraging people from all over the place to visit, but it should be setting an example.  Sustainable events mean just that – they should be sustainable and not lead to the generation of traffic!

[If we want to be sustainable we have to have a policy framework that encourages use of local facilities – whether for leisure, retail or whatever, local enough so that people can walk or catch a bus but NOT USE A CAR!



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