Pelynt – new houses why?

There are currently proposals for 222 dwellings in the Parish of Pelynt (130 were granted permission last week).

Of the 222, 118 are classifed as affordable.

There are 67 households on the Home Choice Register in Pelynt Parish.

For every 100 households on the register, you only need to build 20 new dwellings.

Total need for new dwellings in Pelynt equals 14.

So why build 118, let alone 222?

And how many houses are there in Pelynt at the moment? 579.

So an extra 222 means a 38% increase!

And how many houses in Pelynt did not have any residents in 2011?


So there are 59 dwellings which are not used as permanent residences in the Parish – far more than the 14 dwellings needed for households on the HCR.





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