More houses and more houses and more houses!

Following Tuesdays meeting of the Planning Portfolio Advisory Committee we refer you to comments from Trelawney Alliance and Our Cornwall.  For more visit each site.

The PAC meeting yesterday was to advise the cabinet on housing numbers. Two figures were on the table, 42,250 or 47,500, a vote was taken and the lower figure won by 6 votes to 3. EXCELLENT! BUT NOT FOR LONG. The chair then proceeded to propose that both numbers go to cabinet, this proposal was then seconded and (I can’t believe this) passed by 9 votes with none against. It begs the question why did councillors, including CPIR councillors Harry Blakeley and Viv Lewis, vote in favour of the higher number when they’d already won the vote for less.
CPIR’s housing numbers were increased, the proposed urban development of 4,000 houses is now 4,500.


Fear and loathing at Lys Kernow

Good and bad news, not to mention confusion and chaos, emerged from yesterday’s meeting of Cornwall Council’s Planning Portfolio Advisory Committee. To recap, the portfolio holder, Cllr Hannaford (Lib Dem) had recommended raising the housing target in the Local Plan from the 42,250 agreed on in February to 47,500, thus adding another built-up area bigger than Helston or Liskeard to the eight or nine Helstons or Liskeards already in the plan. In just 20 years that is. Then we can look forward to more, a lot more, following that.

Comment What can we say?  Any figure over 29,000 is to use the phrase of the Camborne-Redruth MP – George Eustice ‘bonkers’.    Upping an already unsustainable target is totally undesirable.   At the local level why anyone should support extra housing  in Penzance is bizarre -unless of course the they support more holiday homes and lets in the town?  As for Camborne and Redruth, well with too many permissions granted it already has too many in the pipeline and will the inhabitants of that area really want to live in one vast urban sprawl?  Ah we forgot – you cram new houses into the urban areas so that the ‘nice’ areas are kept upspoilt for holiday home and holiday let owners.

Its time to have a reality check – over provision of housing will just encourage more people to move to Cornwall or to buy properties for holiday homes and lets.   It will not deal with local housing need!



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