Dispelling the myths!

There are lots of myths when it comes to the issue of housing.  Lets look at some of them.

1)  Building more houses would mean cheaper houses.

A: Sounds quite straight forward.  But it’s not.   It assumes that there is one group of potential buyers out there with limited resources, yet we know there are potential buyers out there with lots of spare cash.  They would continue to bid up house prices. 

B: Oddly enough developers do not build houses on the basis that someone might buy them.  They build to satisfy a perceived demand – if they think they can sell luxury houses they will build luxury houses, if they think the houses will sell for second homes/holiday lets etc then they will build them.

C: Developers et al do not wait around to see if there are potential buyers – they make sure potential buyers are notified where ever they might currently live.

2) Everyone on the Homechoice Register (HCR) needs a house.

A) No not everyone, some households do but a substantial percentage do not.

B)  Most households on the HCR are actually living in a dwelling already.

3) The numbers on the HCR who DO need a house equals the number of houses that must be built.

A)  No really.  Yes in some cases – where there is an extra household within an existing household (concealed is the term used), a new dwelling is needed.  But in most cases when a household moves into a dwelling (as someone else vacates a property), then their accommodation is available for someone else!   So there is no need to build lots of extra ones.

The HCR is used to make people feel uncomfortable about opposing new housing but it vastly over estimates the numbers of actual new dwellings required.




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