Anyone who has perused the Trelawney Alliance blog on Facebook might have stumbled upon a ‘debate’ about housing growth in Cornwall.  What comes across from the ‘pro-growth’ supporters is a fatalistic approach to the future, a belief that nothing can be altered and we should accept ‘change’ regardless of its impact, its causes and its viability.   Contributions by ourselves have been referred to as ‘unintelligible gobbleydegook.’

One reason for the  gobbleydegook detailed comments is that many issues are in fact quite complex – simplistic comments just will not do!

There are three strands here on the ‘there will be more growth’ side.

1) No awareness that the factors which influence where people live and wish to live, are determined by the economics, politics and demographics of a particular society at a particular point in time, and consequently are subject to change, to influence and alteration. They are mutable, not some predetermined, unalterable elements beyond control. Hence it is both possible and desirable to change these conditions.  [ie, what people do is the result of various factors which can change and those factors can be changed].

2) Constant housing growth somehow has no impact on the environment whether we look at the effect on the quality of life of the community or the wider capacity of the environment to support more people who also demand more resources.

3) Simply building more houses will reduce prices and increase affordability. A nice idea but it betrays a lack of understanding of how the housing market actually operates.

We adopt a more positive outlook on the future being aware that it is both possible and desirable to change the environment within which society operates.   This applies whether we consider climate change, population growth or any other way in which society operates.  An ostrich like reaction, that there is nothing we can or should do, is not an option!

Change is inevitable, we cannot continue to pursue or allow unsustainable economic or population growth, we have to adopt policies which ensure we can survive. That means discarding old, outdated and irrelevant views of the world!


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