Another supermarket in Truro?

A new supermarket could be built on the site of Truro City Football Club, it has been revealed.   A deal is currently being put together that would see a “major foodstore operator” set up shop on the Treyew Road site.   

The 2013 Helical Bar annual report stated: “In Truro, we have entered into a Conditional Purchase Agreement on the six-acre Truro City Football Club site and a scheme is being put together to satisfy the requirement of a major foodstore operator.”

A planning application for the scheme is likely to be submitted this autumn according to the report.   The report also said proposals for a non-food 60,000 sq ft retail park on a site next door are “in hand”.

The current owner is a company called Jojo Investco Ltd which bought the ground from Cornish Properties Ltd for £2.28 million in July 2012.

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Comment   Does Truro need another retail area?  (No, not unless you support the unsustainable housing targets of course).

Traffic –  this will add to traffic levels along an already busy road.  As with all retail proposals people will travel from all over Truro and the surrounding areas to shop there.

Land – One obvious impact is the loss of this green area – another area lost to development!

Alternative site – presumably another site will be found for the football club – Langarth perhaps?  Wherever the new site is it will undoubtably result in additional travel – again more traffic along congested roads.

climate change – more consumer goods, more travel – oddly enough this will create more climate change – but never mind!


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