Another day another proposal!


RESIDENTS of Carbis Bay have raised concerns over plans to build up to 200 new homes on a greenfield site.  Gonwin Developments Limited is aiming to submit a formal application at the end of the month for the project at Gonwin Farm.

Marion Thomas, said: “If they keep taking greenfield sites, Cornwall will end up as another big sprawling city and visitors won’t come. The roads are congested enough around here and there are too many second home owners.”

Richard Stone, who owns Becks Fish and Chips Restaurant in Carbis Bay which overlooks part of the site, said: “I was born in Carbis Bay and the town has changed. They say it’s progress but I’m not sure. Instead of lovely green fields there will be houses. I’m not necessarily against it, but I don’t want to see it go further.”

The site has been identified by Cornwall Council Framework Options for urban extension.    A spokesman from architects RLT, who are working on the project, said: “Feedback from the public consultation will be used ahead of a planning application.”

A public meeting is to be held at Carbis Bay Wesley Methodist Church Hall, off St Ives Road on Thursday, September 19, from 2pm to 8pm.

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Comment   More unsustainable development!  Its as simple as that.


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