No – its not eco-friendly!!!



PLANS to build an eco-friendly village on farmland in Saltash have been put forward for public consultation.   The development, entitled the Tamar Village, has been proposed by five landowners who joined together last year to form the North and Middle Pill Landowners’ Consortium.

“The vision for Tamar Village Saltash is to create a unique lifestyle choice adopting the highest green credentials and best design standards which will contribute positively to the long-term economic advantage, wellbeing and prosperity of Saltash, its hinterland and people,” the group states on its website.

Collectively the landowners own 26 hectares (64 acres) of land, the equivalent of 40 football pitches, which it says could potentially be used to create a new community in the town.

“People seem to like the prospect of riverside access and eco-homes from which to operate small businesses within a country-style village setting and being involved in the development process from the beginning,” he said.

Members of the local neighbourhood association have raised concerns about the plans. Helen Hocking, chairman of the North and Middle Pill Neighbourhood Association, said: “While we understand and accept the need for growth in Saltash, we do not believe that large-scale development in either Latchbrook or the Pill area is sustainable.”

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Comment  Another greenfield proposal and quite  a large one!   64 acres is a significant area of land to develop.

Eco-friendly – of course not.   All developments have an impact on the environment.   Are we really to believe that the residents of this new ‘community’ will not travel anywhere – to shop, for leisure/recreation, for holidays?  No its not credible.

This is just a scheme with lots of greenwash that will attract buyers from outside Cornwall looking for the 21st century version of the Good life!



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