Mawnan Smith – housing issues

REVISED plans for a large housing development in Mawnan Smith are “unnecessary and unwanted” according to many objectors.  Csa Architects have drawn up the proposals for 21 affordable properties and 21 open market ones off Sampys Hill.

And the fact the site is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) has upset some residents.   However, most of the objectors say there is no evidence the development is needed or wanted.   They said schemes at Castle View Park and Elgin Close prove this, as there has been difficulty in selling the properties.    Allan Evans told the council: “Castle View Park’s mixture of affordable and open market houses are unwanted, unsold, unfinished. Lessons should be learnt from this.   “There are currently a mixture of low cost houses, flats and open market homes in the village that are not selling.”

The outline application can be viewed at   Search for planning reference PA13/04668.

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Comment   Some questions

  • How many households from/in the area are in the high need categories of the Home Choice Register?
  • How many holiday homes/lets are there in the area? (in the area including Mawan Smith there are 200 dwellings which do not have permanent residents – one in five of the total].
  • Will the unaffordables end up as holiday homes?

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