Liskeard – another unsustainable proposal!

Tencreek Farm developement will “drain the life” from Liskeard town centre, town chiefs warn.

Plans to build 550 new homes, an entertainment complex and shopping centre at Tencreek Farm have sparked fierce opposition from the town council, town team, chamber of commerce and town forum.

On the Cornwall Council planning website, chamber of commerce chairman Roger Terry said the scheme would have “a devastating impact on the viability of the already struggling town centre due to diversion of trade. The site will be totally disconnected from the town and the centre will cease to become the major hub.”

The town team, which won a £100,000 government grant to help regenerate the high street under the Portas Pilots scheme, echoed his fears, with secretary Rachel Brooks saying it opposed the plan outright.

The town council’s written objection says other proposed developments at Addington, Trevillis, Venslooe Hill and Western Avenue will fulfill Cornwall Council’s target of building 1,000 new homes in Liskeard by 2030, as outlined in the Local Plan: “The council therefore objects to the current application on the grounds that planned need is already catered for and there is thus no need for the additional 550 dwellings proposed,” it states.

The council claims the development would not create enough jobs to sustain the number of people attracted to the town by the housing, and argues that the consultation is no longer valid because the original plans shown to the public included 6.3ha of employment land, which has been reduced to only 4.7ha in the submitted application.

“The council would expect somewhere in the region of 700 new jobs to be required on or close to the site if a development as large as 550 dwellings were to be truly sustainable,” the council’s response said.

“With no employment land available locally, the reduction in the employment land proposed makes the creation of adequate employment impossible.


“Without sufficient new local jobs the council believes that the residential element will become a dormitory for people working in Plymouth and thus it objects to the proposals on the grounds that the consultation undertaken by the developer has been invalidated and the development is not sustainable.”

The developer, Bournemouth-based Brook Street Properties, said the plan won majority support at a public exhibition in September.

The few shops proposed would only serve the development itself and not compete with the town-centre, and moving the town’s post office and sorting office to Tencreek Farm would allow regeneration in the town centre and offer new jobs and business opportunities.

To view the application, go to and search for application PA13/05151.

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Comment   Another unsustainable proposal!  All that this and the other housing developments proposed for Liskeard will do is add to the population.   There will be no real additional jobs or facilities.   The population growth will not boost the economy of Liskeard or Cornwall – this is a policy pursued for the last 50 years with no evidence that it works.   There is no way in which the current housing target can be justified in terms of meeting local housing need.  It should be rather obvious that it is not environmentally sustainable!



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