What happens to the empty houses?

The last East Cornwall Planning meeting – 15th July – looked at a proposal for 30 affordable dwellings near St Cleer.


Land At Penhale Farm Former Deans Foods Poultry Farm St
Cleer Cornwall.  

Construction of 30 affordable dwellings on former poultry
farm site including formation of a new access to Well Lane.

There are  currently 50 Homechoice applicants who have expressed a preference for this  location. There are other active proposals in the parish which will are expected  to provide up to 22 affordable homes, and this application will increase provision to 52.


W know that of those on the HCR a minimum of 60% (maximum of 80%) are already living in a property*.   This means that if 52 new dwellings are built in St Cleer, between 30 and 40 existing households will move from existing into the new dwellings.

What happens to these newly vacated dwellings?

* Based on analysis of 2010 data.


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