Another bonkers housing proposal!

Another week another bonkers housing proposal!

PLANS to build up to 1,000 homes at Broadmoor Farm in Saltash have been put forward.   The firm behind the plans say if it goes ahead the scheme could create up to 1,000 construction jobs for locals and would bring a total investment of £1.2 million to the town.    The initial proposals were revealed at a public consultation event over the weekend.   As well as housing and employment space, the development will include new junctions and highways and new community facilities such as a school and health centre.

The developers said feedback will be analysed and a second public consultation will be held in the autumn. In the meantime Mr Tunley urged residents to submit their comments about the plans. He added “We believe this particular location has great potential for Saltash.”

Residents can leave their comments about the plans on the Broadmoor Farm website – visit

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Comment   The usual assertions – lots of job creation (no mention of increased demand for jobs from the residents); ‘new’ facilities (no mention that these will simply meed the new demand!

1000 construction jobs for locals!  Sounds over the top!  Are going to build all the houses in one go?

Now there were 600 odd people in construction in the parish in 2011 – all in work – are they all going to work at Broadmoor farm?  Probably not!

And where is Broadmoor farm – it is actually farmland outside Saltash.

It would increase the size of Saltash by about at least a quarter – that’s a lot of land!

It is described as sustainable – in the meaningless way used by developers.  Somewhat akin to the use of the term ‘Democratic’ as in Eastern European communist states!

And who is pushing this forward?  Commercial Estates Group another large developer who interestingly enough are the ones planning to build 500 second homes at Carlyon Bay!!!!



One comment on “Another bonkers housing proposal!

  1. Nigel White says:

    The proposed 1,ooo jobs ithis project will create is only a short term plan that will leave twice this amount of residents created by this developement looking for jobs after the site is complete. So how will this stupid comment benefit anybody. It’s just the developers ploy to get it through planning and approved. Just aload of piffal


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