View from S Crofty!

Last weekend one of our oldest readers regaled us with his visit to the headgear at South Crofty.  Many thanks to Bill Vellandruckia for his input!

Bill said he could remember when the Tuckingmill valley showed the ravages of mining.  “Looked a bit desolate then it did.”   But over time nature regained control “turning the valley into a nice place to walk the dog all they there trees growing up, nice  it was, bit like the countryside.”   Bill was shocked to discover looking down from the headgear that the valley was being bulldozed “suppose that’s for that new road, peace and quiet gone now.”    He also remembered when rugby and football teams played in the field next to Robinson’s shaft.   “Can remember walking from Crofty to Robinson’s when they had cows in the fields.  Local teams played the miners there too, a nice afternoon out.   Tes all gone now turned into some fancy looking park.   Would never know there had been mine next door.”

Bill regretted that no-one had any real vision for the area “That land out the back of Tuckingmill could have been a real place to get away from it all.   They could have done up Bickfords and the old Teagle site without destroying the place.  Talk about vandalism”.


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