A very distorted view!

Jude Robinson in her blog – A View from South Crofty states:

Instead of looking at the top of South Crofty headgear from my window, I had the chance to see my house from the top of South Crofty. We could also see the line of the new East West link road that will connect Barncoose and Dolcoath and kick off what I hope will be a better future for this area than the post industrial decline that it has become known for.

The road will open up brown field land for development, including industrial and office units that are desperately needed in this area if we are going to encourage business and jobs instead of letting them go elsewhere.

Camborne, Pool and Redruth is the largest conurbation in Cornwall, it is also the poorest overall. What I would like to see for the future is a thriving town to rival Truro. It won’t happen without growth and development.


  • Post industrial decline?   Where might that be then?   Lots of job growth since the mining industry collapsed!
  • And where is all the brownfield land that JR refers to?   Did she not notice the fields behind Tuckingmill?   The trees in the Tuckingmill valley? Obviously not!  The extent of brownfield land is much over estimated!
  • New industrial units and the new jobs – does JR not realise that the new jobs will be needed so that the people moving into the new houses can have jobs!
  • No mention of the thousands of houses planned – the majority of which will NOT be built on brownfield land!
  • Camborne and Redruth and the adjacent areas have seen lots of growth – housing, employment land, retail – over the last 50 years.   Vast swathes of greenfields have been built on – yet no prosperity!

People who assert that more of the same growth and development will make Camborne and Redruth or Cornwall in general more prosperous should really look at the evidence!



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