Housing targets exceeded!!!!!

Anyone perusing the media might be forgiven for thinking that house building completions in Cornwall were running well below what they should be.   The latest Annual Monitoring Report for the year ending 2012 tells us that 27,642 dwellings have been built in the eleven years since 2001.  The target in the Structure Plan was 21,703.  That is an excess of 5,759 or 27%!   Thats correct an excess of over a quarter!

We also know that over the 2001-11 period,  of the extra dwellings the equivalent of 40% were not used to house people – they ended up mainly in the holiday sector!

What can we conclude?  Well we are actually building far more houses than the Structure Plan target and far more than are needed to actually house people!  Odd isn’t it?  Ah the HCR aka the waiting list – well most of the households on that are currently living in housing!


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