Available for development!

Fresh plans for dozen homes at Tremoughdale, Penryn

A FRESH application for a dozen homes in Penryn has been submitted.    The previous scheme, by Colin Coade and the Enys Estate, for 13 properties at Packsaddle, Tremoughdale, was withdrawn late last year.    At that stage there were about 20 objectors.

The new plan, it says, is a result of discussions with Cornwall Council.

The applicant owns the land off Trewarton Court which has, in the past few years, been used for forestry. However, since a crop of fir trees was cleared it has become available for building on.   The applicants said, as the area has been developed, particularly with the Tremough campus nearby, it was an ideal site.

Read more: http://www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/Fresh-plans-dozen-homes-Tremoughdale-Penryn/story-19505761-detail/story.html#ixzz2YlUuOCiT

Comment   Ok not many houses compared to the 1500 at Langarth, and the surrounding area has been developed; and, oh the trees have gone so its available for building on!    Ideal site then!  Probably lots of other areas similar to that across Cornwall.  At this rate the bonkers housing target will soon be reached and breached but never mind!


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