Redruth Parking charges – not the problem!

More than two thousand people have signed a petition calling for cheaper parking in Redruth.    Shopkeepers started the campaign in a bid to bring more people into the town.     They say rising charges have put shoppers off and hit trade. 

Local business woman Tracy Hellings is heading up efforts: “There are definitely fewer people in the town. It’s killing the small businesses basically. Even some of the bigger businesses are saying it’s gone really quiet since the charges have gone up. Even the banks, people aren’t going to pay extra just to put a cheque in.

“I’ve got customers who come from Plymouth and even they say the parking charges are too high. The big businesses won’t come into the town anyway and if they did they need to look at the footfall and if there’s no footfall here, they’re not going to come.”

Comment  It’s a bit late in the day to try to save Redruth town centre.   The war is over.    The transformation of Pool into the out-of-town retail centre continues relentlessly.   Parking there is covered by all the users of the shops so it appears to be ‘free’.  It’s not you pay!

And of course the East-West Highway is now being rapidly built.   How much easier it will be for people to get in the car and nip over to Pool to shop? Anyone nipping up or down the A30 is unlikely to trek into Redruth or Camborne town centre when Pool beckons with welcoming arms!

We did argue against the EW Highway when it first appeared but to little avail.  If those who have signed the car parking petition had opposed the road the demise of the town centre might have been averted.  But that as they say is another story.

A new road on the way!

A new road on the way!

[Redruth traders should be arguing for all retail outlets with car parks to have to charge users].


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