Planning madness hits Cornwall!

It’s Our Cornwall on facebook has highlighted the significant numbers of houses which got planning permission at the last Strategic Planning Committee.   Why so many? Who are they for?   It certainly undermines the assertion pedaled by developers, the Government etc who harp on about how difficult it is to get permission for housing because of planning constraints!  Maybe that’s true on Mars but not on this planet!

Its Our Cornwall 9 July

Not content with giving WainHomes permission for 126 houses at St Austell, last Thursday’s Strategic Planning Committee also bestowed its blessing on another 275 houses at Launceston. These come with supermarket, hotel, pub, coffee shop and fast food restaurant for all those hungry people driving down to their second homes further west. It was voted through by 20 votes to 1 (one). Good news for the Development Securities of London. Not so good for local people, who are complaining about the cutting down of 5 oak trees to make way for this glittering future. ( But not the 275 houses?? Which will add another 550 or so to Launceston’s population, already growing at the ridiculously unsustainable rate of 29% a decade.

It’s Our Cornwall  10 July

And it gets even worse. Last week’s Strategic Planning Committee also agreed the first phase of the plan to join Falmouth to Budock by giving outline permission to Persimmons and Taylor Wimpey to build 300 houses on 11 fields at Lower Kergilliack. That’s 700 houses given the green light at just one meeting. Where does it end? At this rate the Strategic Planning Committee will have given permission for all the housing target in the Local Plan in just three years!



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