Tesco – an example of good practice!

Climate change a consequence of humanity’s overuse of fuel and resulting gas emissions is a major problem.  Not that you would notice it!  As far as policy makers are concerned its business as usual if the economy expands and more greenhouse gases are emitted who cares!

It’s very difficult to convince the general public that climate change is an issue let alone a problem.  Not surprising really with business as usual on the ground  – more houses, more roads – while no hint from the Government or opposition that there is a problem.

Climate change is a tricky one – it’s not obvious what is happening.  How do  you  convince  people of the need for change when evidence on the ground is well -hard to see?

If we look at somewhat simpler – like looking after the environment in a wildlife friendly way – something which has been highlighted for years what do we find?


Big lawn near Pool

Big lawn near Pool

Not good – just a big expanse of grass – total lack of biodiversity and colour!

Which leads us to Tesco!

Good management

Good management


A big difference!  The edge near the road has been cut – so no questions over visibility and the rest has been allowed to grow!  Well done Tesco!



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