Liskeard – housing madness!

New plans for Liskeard:

THE POPULATION of Liskeard could increase by around a quarter if proposals for a new development on the outskirts of the town are approved.   A planning application to build 550 homes, a care home for 60 residents and a retail unit, which would cover the equivalent of five full-sized football pitches, has been submitted to Cornwall Council.

The Tencreek Farm development, which sits in the parish of Menheniot, has been put forward by DHA Planning on behalf of a private applicant, and is currently open to public consultation.

Cornwall councillor for Liskeard North Roger Holmes said a development of this size would have a profound effect on the town.  “Such a large and mixed development in a neighbouring parish but right on its edge is bound to have a profound effect on employment, the provision of services, traffic flow and the business health of Liskeard as a whole, which will have to be evaluated very carefully before making a judgment,” he said.

“It is very easy to be seduced by individual aspects on their own such as affordable housing, jobs or a cinema, which may not be as simple in reality as at first they appear.  “We cannot, therefore, either welcome or condemn such projects without proper and deep investigation.”

Comment – Investigation is indeed necessary.   But a proposal which would expand the town by a quarter is patently unsustainable and unnecessary!


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