No its Not Nimbys!!

Why not enough affordable houses?   A developer has hit upon the causes!

A WEST Cornwall developer has hit out at councillors, council officers and Nimby residents who he says are blocking the development of vital affordable homes while young families go homeless.

Two weeks ago The Cornishman revealed just 14 affordable houses had been built in Penzance since 2009 with nearly 1,400 people waiting for a home.

Although St Ives claims a better record – with mayor Colin Nicholls estimating 200 affordable homes built in the past six years – it still has 648 people waiting for housing, while Hayle has 621.

Developer Barry Lewis, who has spent nearly 30 years in social housing, building affordable housing projects in St Ives, Mullion and Bodmin, has claimed the shortage is totally unnecessary.

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Comment  No it’s not NIMBYs or planners ‘red tape’.  Lots of houses have been built in Penzance most did not get used for residents!

Penzance area 2001-2011.

  • Total household spaces went up by 1315 between 2001 and 2011.
  • Household spaces with residents up by 329 (25%)’.
  • Household spaces without residents up by 986 (75%).
  • We are building enough houses it’s just that most do not end up being used for housing!

[Oh most people on the Homechoice Register are already in a dwelling!].


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