Penzance housing issues!

Earlier in the week we looked at the housing situation in Penzance, exploring how issues are often misreported  ‘Dodgy data and inaccurate reporting!’    ‘It’s Our Cornwall’ also carried the story.

In Penzance we have a situation where lots of houses are used for holiday homes or holiday lets.  [Some are also part of the vacant stock].

We also need to look at the wider area – in this instance the Community Network Area around Penzance.

What do we find?

  • Total household spaces went up by 1315 between 2001 and 2011.
  • Household spaces with residents up by 329 (25%)’.
  • Household spaces without residents up by 986 (75%).

What does it prove?

  • We are building enough houses it’s just that most do not end up being used for housing!
  • Three quarters of the extra houses in the Penzance did not contribute to meeting housing need.
  • Simply building houses does not do anything for affordability!

And for more on housing myths why not visit the ‘It’s Our Cornwall’ page on Facebook.

Hoary old housing myth #1. – we must build more houses to reduce prices in Cornwall.

Tucked away in internal papers Cornwall Council’s planners admit that when the difference in house prices between London & the south east of England and Cornwall widens migration to Cornwall rises. And when that difference narrows, it falls. (See CC, Demographic Evidence Base v.1, pp.4-5).

So, if prices were to fall dramatically in relation to London & the SE as a result of building more houses then migration from London & the SE would rise – to fill all those new houses (and help push up prices again). And we’d be back where we started but with even more people competing for space and less space to compete in.


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