Cutting congestion means cutting housing targets!

It’s Our Cornwall on Facebook comments on the proposal at Falmouth to ‘reduce’ congestion’.

Cornwall Council is putting in a new roundabout at the junction of Union Corner and Trescobeas Road in Falmouth. It says it will ‘reduce congestion’. But then it also says that without the new road scheme 900 houses destined for four rural sites nearby ‘could not be delivered’. These will house part of the up to 6,900 extra people (a growth of 24%) pencilled in for Falmouth-Penryn by 2030.

Wouldn’t it be more sensible to seek to reduce traffic rather than build unnecessary housing in order to encourage more people to go and add their cars to the existing traffic in Falmouth?

Comment    Quite – building more houses and pushing forward developments that generate traffic will increase congestion!  The ‘extra’ road space will just accommodate the extra traffic a no-win situation.

What do we do?   Plan for appropriate housing targets to meet local needs; reject development proposals that generate additional traffic; introduce traffic demand management; invest in alternatives to car use. 



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