Heartlands – what is it?

What are we to make of ‘Heartlands’?


A park?

Well designed buildings

A leat

A garden

On the surface the buildings and landscape at ‘Heartlands’ could be and probably are seen as a success.  All looks neat and tidy an image contrasting with the (incorrect) view of the area formerly being a swathe of dereliction.

But what is it?  The mine buildings are overwhelmed by the new buildings – houses and offices.  Instead of a mine in its expected setting we have some mine buildings in an urban development.    The development could be anywhere it just happens to include some old mine remnants.   Instead of the landscape we would expect around a mine we have an urban park.

In reality it cannot be described as a heritage site for much of the heritage has gone.  It is the ultimate in place shaping, a new landscape containing mine relics disconnected from their past.  An urban playground for a community without roots, a tourist attraction.  Fundamentally it is designed to be the centrepiece for new housing which will surround the site.  A landscape fit for some of the new population expected and encouraged to move to Cornwall.

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