More tourists and flying?

One reaction to the news that Cornwall is to host the G7 summit in June is that it will attract more tourists. International tourist who would presumably fly to Cornwall. In a world where climate breakdown is a real issue surely more flying should be actively discouraged?

Malcolm Bell, chief executive of Visit Cornwall said: “Cornwall has been voted the best holiday region in the UK for 10 out of the last 11 years in the British Travel Award but is little known to many countries around the world.

The G7 Leaders’ summit will shine a spotlight on our very special place and the worldwide exposure is promotion we could never buy.

It will showcase the beauty of Cornwall and provide an opportunity to highlight our heritage, culture and the connections to each country, which will help drive increased numbers of international visitors to Cornwall over the next decade.”

Cornwall wild?

If anyone had been locked in a cave for the past 30-40 years they might be forgiven for making inane comments about Cornwall being the wildest county in Britain. Otherwise they would be aware of all the new developments across Cornwall. Past developments litter the landscape, current ones scar the land. New roads, new estates spreading out. Roads crammed with traffic – from residents and visitors alike. Compared to many areas in the south west of England, Cornwall has high population densities.

Green fields and treasured areas obliterated. Tranquility a memory from the past. Wild Cornwall is not!

The case of the disappearing stadium!

A diminishing stadium but the houses remain. Supporters of the stadium should reflect on what has happened – further excessive housing growth. Are apologies in order?

Budock – Its not the congestion!

Traffic congestion due to more houses is a problem but we do not need the extra houses and each new house and household has a significant carbon footprint!

Climate emergency – carry on building!

Not only will the new houses be responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases, they are not needed for local housing needs!

Cornwall – rural retreat? (in reality turning into an urbanised mess.

More housing in Cornwall together with associated roads and other developments means Cornwall is rapidly turning into an urbanised mess, a complete nightmare!

Same old policies – out of date, out of place and ill-informed!

More house building and road building are just the old policies which have been rolled out for the last 50 plus years.

They don’t help people in Cornwall, they are unsustainable and lead to more climate breakdown!

Policymakers should recognise this and the media should be very critical of such outmoded ‘ideas’.