Climate change/breakdown means no airport expansion – at Heathrow or anywhere

George Monbiot – There is only one way to prevent aviation from wrecking the planet. We need to fly much less

The correct question is not where, it is whether. And the correct answer is no. The prime minister has just announced that her cabinet will recommend where a new runway should be built. Then there will be a consultation on the decision. There is only one answer that doesn’t involve abandoning our climate change commitments and our moral scruples: nowhere.
The inexorable logic that should rule out new sources of oil, gas and coal also applies to the expansion of airports. In a world seeking to prevent climate breakdown, there is no remaining scope for extending infrastructure that depends on fossil fuels. The prime minister cannot uphold the Paris agreement on climate change, which comes into force next month, and permit the runway to be built.

More and more aspirations!

More aspirations!

8.12 The growth and regeneration of Newquay needs to be delivered sensitively, ensuring the special environment surrounding the town is protected and enhanced where possible. Furthermore, new development is also expected to make a positive contribution to the wider regeneration aspirations, through the delivery of higher design standards; new services and facilities that the new and existing residents can utilise; as well as creating the necessary connection to fully integrate it within the existing community.

Housing Growth
8.27 Housing growth represents a key strand of the overall strategy for Newquay, as it will support the economic growth aspirations for the town and the Enterprise Zone; furthermore it will support the delivery of affordable housing.

St Austell
10.15 Whilst seeking to regenerate these sites, another key component is the promotion of its eco / sustainability credentials, which will support the area’s aspirations to be the ‘Green Heart of Cornwall’. The Eco-community sites, particularly West Carclaze, will support this aspiration in a number of ways,

Hmm It bizarre to state that the special environment around Newquay is to be protected and enhanced when large areas are being developed!

How can new development make a “positive contribution to the wider regeneration aspirations”?

Looks like the new housing is for the new workers at the Enterprise zone. Surely the aim should be to provide better jobs for the existing population not encourage more people to move to Cornwall?

It is impossible for St. Austell to be “the Green Heart of Cornwall” with so much house building.

Lets get a grip on reality the ‘Local Plan’ is just about housing and population growth nothing else. It is not about sustainability, improving economic prospects for local residents or providing housing for those in need.

The climate is warming up, aircraft are a major contributor to global warming/climate disaster and people still seriously want to expand air travel! Are they mad?

2016 locked into being hottest year on record, Nasa says. Data shows September was the warmest in modern temperature monitoring following months of record-breaking anomalies this year.

May avoids cabinet split over Heathrow as airport vote put on hold. PM tells cabinet colleagues they can continue voicing public opposition to favoured expansion until vote next winter. Her partial suspension of collective responsibility strongly suggests the favoured proposal will be a third runway at Heathrow, as it would allow Johnson and Justine Greening, the education secretary, to express disapproval without resigning. A Heathrow spokeswoman said the process was what the airport had expected, with a parliamentary vote necessary on a national policy statement. She said: “This is the expected and appropriate political process; there is no delay. Government announces its preferred option, consults on that position and publishes a national policy statement, which parliament then approves. Heathrow then applies for planning permission with support of government policy.” She added: “Heathrow expansion has the support of the majority of MPs. In recent polling, 71% of Conservative MPs and 73% of Labour MPs back a new runway at Heathrow.”

Right, the climate is warming up, aircraft are a major contributor to global warming/climate disaster and people still seriously want to expand air travel! Are they mad?


The ‘Local Plan’ is full of aspirations. [Aspiration – a hope or ambition of achieving something]

3.16 Housing also represents a key strand to the overall strategy; supporting the economic aspirations and providing much needed affordable housing.

3.39 Delivery of housing represents an important component of the overall strategy for Penzance and Newlyn. Housing development will provide much needed affordable housing, help satisfy demand for market housing and support the towns’ economic aspirations.

3.44 With a significant proportion of the growth being located on sites to the north of the A30, it increases the importance of making these neighbourhoods sustainable; but also seeking to improve permeability of the A30, so the communities can make use of the services and facilities within the town centre. Aspirations relating to the A30 can be seen in the Transportation section.

4.13 Improving the primary education facilities, open space provision, sustainable transport opportunities and the highway network all represent key priorities to support the town’s aspirations. Amongst the highway measures being investigated is a new A30 junction to the south of the town, which will service the Trevassack site, plus act as an alternative to the St Erth junction in the long term, due to sea level rise.

4.15 Hayle’s economic aspirations are to broaden and strengthen its economic base to create higher skilled and better paid job opportunities for its local residents, in doing so acting as a hub for Cornwall relating to the marine renewables sector.

5.31 Priority for the delivery of this housing target is focused on the urban area, in doing so minimising use of greenfield land, plus supporting the regeneration aspirations through the reuse of underutilised and derelict sites.

Leaving aside the question as to whether towns can have aspirations – there are some fundamental problems here.

In essence the term ‘aspiration’ is used to justify unsustainable housing growth.

Why does ‘regeneration’ consist of building more houses?

Why in Penzance does building more houses support the economic ‘aspirations’?

More and more cars!

The ‘Local Plan’ with its unsustainable housing targets will have quite an impact on car numbers on our roads. Aspirations of more people cycling to work, to shop or anything else are just that aspirations!

Lets look at the figures:

Houses Cars
Camborne and Redruth 5200 7000
Newquay 4400 5900
St Austell 4100 5500
Truro 3900 5300
Bodmin 3100 4200
Falmouth & Penryn 2800 3800
Penzance 2150 2900

In all the ‘Local Plan’ calls for 52,000 extra houses thats 70,000 extra cars on the roads.

Tweaking of existing roads and dualling of the A30 will not deal with the extra traffic.
Continously repeating the joys of cycling will not reduce car use.

Cornwall is set to become an unsustainable region with negative impacts on the environment and human health.

Bodmin the cycling capital of Cornwall?

Another extract from the ‘Local Plan’.

11.15 Transport infrastructure will form a key component of the enabling infrastructure, with the improvement of existing highways, as well as prioritizing sustainable transport measures. Improved cycling facilities within and surrounding the town, linked to the Camel Trail, will support growth and improve the tourism offer, in doing so helping to make Bodmin the cycling capital of Cornwall.

11.50 Furthermore, Bodmin has identified an opportunity to promote itself as a cycle town, building on the back of the high quality cycle offerings on the periphery of the town, namely Lanhydrock, the Camel Trail and Cardinham cycle hub. The delivery of a comprehensive town wide cycle network will support the economic regeneration of the town centre as it is estimated that a further 74,000 cyclists a year would pass through the town; but equally important the cycle network will underpin the transport strategy which sets out to see the use of sustainable transport increase by 25% for walking and cycling and 65% for public transport

Oh dear another unreal idea. The big problem for Bodmin, in common with all other Cornish towns is the high level of housing growth planned which inevitably means more traffic. It is unlikely that many more people living or working in the town will cycle and more tourists to the town will include more tourists by car – go figure!

Newquay – a Cycling Demonstration Town – really?

8.43 Newquay’s regeneration could be constrained by highway infrastructure and congestion issues unless a comprehensive package a transport measures is delivered.

To enable the commercial and housing growth it will require improvements to the local transport network, consisting of junction improvements, implementation of improvements to the walking and cycling network as part of the Cycling Demonstration Town, construction of the Newquay Strategic Route and public transport improvements.

The first point to make of course is that Newquay does not need the commercial and housing growth envisaged in the plan. That is due to the unsustainable and unwanted housing targets that are proposed.

8.48 Newquay’s ambition to be a Cycling Demonstration Town will see opportunities for improved cycle and pedestrian links and crossing points which will help connect new and existing housing developments to the town, schools and employment sites.

And with new roads and ‘improved’ junctions why would anyone cycle? It’s so unrealistic.

As the population grows then car traffic will increase – that’s what happens when you have more housing in an area.

And what is a Cycling Demonstration Town?